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Build up confidence, overcome your feelings of anxiety and take action to live your best life.

Welcome! We offer individual psychotherapy and counselling services for teenagers and adults of all backgrounds.

Each treatment plan is customised to suit your needs, based on your life situation, values and strengths, charting a path towards growth and a more fulfilling life.

If you would like to seek help for yourself or your loved ones, book a free consultation today.  


Your Safe Space

Speak in full confidentiality to a trained professional with years of experience. 


Restore Your Confidence

Understand and overcome your issues with proven tools and strategies.


Improve Your Relationships

Develop ways and skills to repair, rebuild and strengthen your personal relationships.

How can we help?


Navigate Adolescence

Identify your strengths and thrive amidst developmental transitions and challenges such as school-related stress, self-esteem issues, friendship woes, and more.
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Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Learn new coping skills as you embark on your recovery journey towards inner peace, greater clarity for decision-making, better health and productivity, and a more restful sleep.
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Repair & Improve Relationships

Work, school, family, friends, dating, marriage, etc. Gain new insights into your situation and improve communication and ties with people who matter.
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How Does It Work?

Through online or in-office counselling sessions, we will work together with you to create a personalised treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Read about our approach
and background

Step 1:


Let's get acquainted!

Step 2:

An introductory call for us to know each other, before you decide on a first session.


Begin therapy

Step 3:

Embark on a carefully thought-out treatment plan that addresses your life situation and offers a path towards growth.

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