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Empowering you to
live your best life

  • Counselling and Positive Psychology Coaching in Singapore

  • Addresses your emotional needs, life situation, values and goals

  • Equips you with skills and mental tools for positive changes

  • For adolescents, adults and mothers of all backgrounds

  • Online or in-person sessions

  • Daytime, evening and weekend appointments available

Our Method
Towards a Better Quality of Life

By listening and deep diving into why you think, feel or act in a certain way,

I can help you to better understand yourself and your issues,


and uncover hidden obstacles that are holding you back.

I will also help you discover and build upon your values, inner strengths, and resources.

We will then work together to plan and take actionable steps that help you to move forward and achieve the life you desire.

What do our clients say?

K., Female, 40s

"I went for counselling because I do not want others to gossip about me. 

Janet is understanding and a very good listening ear. Talking to her in confidence is comforting and helps me to process a lot of things on my mind.


Janet has also taught me simple and effective ways to live my life in the present moment. I now feel more at peace and can sleep better at night.


I have also learnt from Janet on how to manage my negative thinking and highly recommend her as a counsellor!"

*Edited for clarity and maintain confidentiality.


Good Counselling Singapore

Your Safe Space

Speak in full confidentiality to a trained professional with years of experience. 

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Restore Your Confidence

Understand and overcome your issues with proven tools and strategies.

Relationship Counselling Parenting Counselling Singapore

Improve Your Relationships

Develop ways and skills to repair, rebuild and strengthen your personal relationships.

Let's get acquainted!

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Book a free initial consultation with us. We would be happy to talk about how we can support you.

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Begin therapy

Step 3:

Embark on a carefully thought-out treatment plan that addresses your life situation and offers a path towards growth and wellness.

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Let's Get Started!

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Janet Gay Counsellor Singapore | Tea for Thoughts Counselling

Learn more about our professional qualifications and the services we offer.

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