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Janet Gay _ Counsellor _ Singapore

Hi, I'm Janet (@c.janetg)
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The problems we deal on a daily basis have probably been intensified by the pandemic. As a result, you may be feeling overwhelmed with stress, stuck, tired, and unable to recognise your life as anything you once imagined.


You may also realise that life is finite and you haven't been making decisions based on your own interests and needs.

This realisation can bring on feelings of anxiety and loss of confidence.


But it doesn't have to be this way.


By gaining a deeper understanding of why you think, feel or act in a certain way, I can help you to uncover hidden obstacles that are holding you back. We can then work together towards overcoming your challenges, to achieve the life you desire. 


Take the first step towards living your best life by getting in touch with me today!  

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2. Learn how counselling works, what to expect in a typical first session, and how to make the most out of your counselling sessions.

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