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Empowering you to
live your best life

Online/In-person Counselling and Self-development Courses for Students, Youths, Adults and Mothers of all backgrounds. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments available.

How to build confidence | Tea For Thoughts Counselling Singapore

Your Safe Space

Speak in full confidentiality to a trained professional with years of experience. 

Good Counselling Singapore

Restore Your Confidence

Understand and overcome your issues with proven tools and strategies.

Relationship Counselling Parenting Counselling Singapore

Improve Your Relationships

Develop ways and skills to repair, rebuild and strengthen your personal relationships.

How can we help?

Teen Counselling Singapore

Navigate Adolescence

Understand yourself better, identify your strengths and develop skills to thrive amidst developmental transitions and challenges such as school-related stress, self-esteem issues, relationship problems, and more.
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Anxiety Counselling Depression Counselling Singapore

Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Gain new insights and learn new coping skills as you embark on your recovery journey towards inner peace, greater clarity, better health, sleep, and productivity, and more.
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Relationship Counselling Breakup Counselling Singapore

Repair & Improve Relationships

Family, friends, career, dating, marriage, and more. Seek help early to improve your communication and interactions with people who matter.
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Self-development Courses Singapore | Positive Psychology Coaching Singapore

Self-development Courses (Popular!)

Improve your quality of life by discovering what is most important to you right now, what is needed to move closer to the life you want, how to have a positive outlook, and more.
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Counselling for Students Youths Singapore | Tea for Thoughts
Counselling for Stress Anxiety Depression | Tea for Thoughts Counselling | Singapore
Relationship Counselling | Tea for Thoughts Counselling Singapore

Here's how it works

Through online or in-person sessions, we will work together with you to create a personalised treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Read About us

Step 1:

Janet Gay Counsellor Singapore | Tea for Thoughts Counselling

"Hi, I'm Janet Gay. I assist my clients to gain a deeper understanding of why they think, feel or act in a certain way, so that they can uncover hidden obstacles that are holding them back. This helps them to regain their sense of self and purpose, to start living their life they desire. I offer empathetic listening and non-judgmental support in each step of their journey. 


To learn more about my background, qualifications and approach, click here. "

Let's get acquainted!

Step 2:

Book an free 20-minute phone consultation. We would be happy to talk about how we can support you.

Free Counselling Consultation Singapore | Tea for Thoughts

Begin therapy

Step 3:

Embark on a carefully thought-out treatment plan that addresses your life situation and offers a path towards growth.

Student Counselling Singapore | Tea for Thoughts

What do our clients say?

*Shan, female, mid-20s

"Janet is friendly and open-minded. After each session, I always learned something new about myself, whether it's in the past or present, or about my future plans...

I am very satisfied with my results and highly recommend Janet to anyone who needs to find solutions to their dilemmas."

*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality


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