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Janet Gay
Counsellor (M.Couns)

Why choose us?

Each treatment plan is carefully thought-out and customised to address your life situation, and offers a path towards growth.


Our commitment is working with you to develop a deeper understanding of your emotional distress and to help you develop a richer and more meaningful life.

"I can help you to understand your issues from a new perspective to facilitate change and growth, and learn how to live life on your own terms."

Integrative &
Strengths-based Approach

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Person-centered Therapy

Positive Psychology

Solution-focused Therapy

Counselling for Stress Confidence Anxiety Depression | Tea for Thoughts Counselling Singapore
Janet Gay Counsellor Singapore | Tea for Thoughts Counselling Singapore

Hi, I'm Janet. I'm passionate about empowering people to build resilience, grow and thrive during challenging times. 


Besides English, you can also speak with me in Mandarin (我能听得懂华语), Hokkien or simple Bahasa Indonesia (Saya dapat mengerti Bahasa Indonesia yang sederhana).

I offer individual therapy and self-development courses to youths (ages 15 to 24), adults and mothers, either in-person or online via Zoom. I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 

My Background & Approach

To have a successful therapy, I believe it is important that you feel comfortable and have a good working relationship with your therapist. 

As a certified counsellor, teacher, and mother of three, I can relate to the desires, pressures and issues of many people living in multi-cultural Singapore.

This enables me to connect and work well with students, adults and mothers looking for help in:

  • School/Work/Life Stress 

  • Confidence/Self-esteem

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Relationship Issues

  • Life Transitions

  • Women's Issues

  • Self-development & Holistic Well-being

I believe it is also important to have a treatment plan that is customised to suit your needs, situation and preferences. Thus during therapy, I often seek feedback and use a variety of techniques to assist you in achieving where you want to be in life. Such techniques could be: non-judgmental listening, validating, asking questions for deeper reflection, providing psychoeducation, cultivating mindfulness, developing your strengths and coping skills, and more.

Many clients appreciate that I am open and friendly to talk to, with knowledge and skills to help them understand why they think, feel or act in a certain way, and view their issues from a new perspective. This helps them to uncover hidden obstacles that are holding them back and facilitates change and growth. Together, we will then plan steps and work towards achieving the life they desire.

So if you wish to talk to someone without feeling judged, gain new insights and take steps towards improving your quality of life, get in touch with me today!


I offer a free initial consultation to all potential clients, for us to get to know each other before scheduling our first session.  I look forward to speaking with you soon! 


  • Training: Master of Counselling (Monash University), Dip. in Counselling Psychology (CAE)

Additional Credentials

  • Graduate Cert. of Education Studies, Specialist Dip. in Teaching of English Language, Dip. in Legal Studies

I continue to expand my knowledge and competence through regular clinical supervision, training and self-learning. I am also a verified mental health professional listed on Psychology Today Singapore. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed but still aren't sure about seeing a counsellor, feel free to read this article "Should I go for Counselling?" where you'll learn more about

  • how counselling works,

  • how it can benefit people,

  • what to expect during a typical first session, and

  • how to make the most out of counselling sessions. 


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Take care ♡

Catch Up With Me on Instagram (@c.janetg)
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